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Residential Movers

. We are a labor moving company that has honed our skills into very specific areas of the moving process.


No, we don't select your home or your truck, however, we do help you pack, load quickly, safely and efficiently, drive your truck if needed and get you completely unloaded in your new home with exact property placement in a timely manner.

Student Moves 

Students.. We've got you covered!  We provide the same awesome service as our residental moves while providing U-Box and Pod deliveries as needed.  


We also provide loading and unloading from storage facilities.


We offer discounted rates to the following:


  • Seniors Citizens

  • Local Hospital Employees

  • U of I Students and Personnel



We Offer A Very Extensive List Of Moving services

Here at Manns Moving and Hauling we understand that each move is very specific. Every person and family has individual needs. We cater to those needs so that every customer is satisfied. We listen carefully so that all of your requests are honored and instructions followed. We can take on as much of the moving process as you like.

  • Truck Rentals:                                                                             We will take care of the truck if needed.

  • Packing/Unpacking

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